Want to learn how to successfully juggle multiple relationships or

Get the most out of your current relationship. Are you happy with your girl, but still want something more?

Are you too busy to meet a new girl every weekend? And just want to learn to make your current relationship as fulfilling as possible?

Savoy has been there, working 18 hour days, 90 hour weeks and traveling around the world on business. He has lived one of the most dynamic lives a person can imagine, but he has been able to balance healthy relationships and a die-hard work ethic.

More Than a One Night Stand

Over the years, different gurus have offered their thoughts on “how to get the girl into bed”. But what if what you want is more than a one-night stand? What if you want her to be your girlfriend? Or if you want to date her without commitment? Or commit to her but have threesomes?

It’s time to get what you want out of your relationships.

What To Do After Sex

Savoy, one of the top dating coaches in the world, has made it a personal interest to answer the question “What do you do AFTER you sleep together?” While most “gurus” seem to have trouble holding a girlfriend or in building a happy relationships, Savoy has made relationship management a key part of his game and is responsible for much of what advanced men rely on today in their relationships with women. Many of what is regarded today as obvious was once highly controversial before Savoy came along. For example…

Did you know that you NEVER have to lie to get what you want, even if you want to date more than one woman at a time?
Did you know that 99% of all relationships fall into six major categories, and which ones you can move between?
Did you know that Relationship Management begins before you even sleep with her the first time?
For the first time in the community, a top PUA will share his secrets on relationship management in a special, dedicated, live seminar. This will be held in Los Angeles on Saturday, January 27th.

Magic Bullets…Free!

As a special bonus, the first 10 people to sign up will receive an autographed copy of his upcoming book, Magic Bullets, scheduled for a January 2007 release.

The Lounge

After the Seminar, you will have access to the most exclusive Forum in the Seduction Community, The Lounge. Where Instructors and veteran students alike, exchange ideas and trade secrets of what works and what doesn’t. The quality of discussion is far more relevant and on point than any other forum out there. While you wait for the Seminar, go ahead and see what one of our 20,000 users is saying in our free Forum.

Communicate After the “Pick-up”

Understanding relationship management isn’t about “what you can get away with”. It’s about communicating with women in language they understand. Explain what it is that you want for the two of you – and knowing how to make that happen.

Just like with the pick-up, let the guy who has spent much of his time in the community juggling relationships, teach you what to do and what not to do. Take the guess work out of it. Once you decide what it is you want from your relationship, Savoy will tell you how to get it.

The Myths

It is a myth that all, or even most, women automatically want a long-term, monogamous relationship.

It is a myth that relationships are easier than the initial pickup.

It is a myth that “opening up” to a woman in a relationship will turn her off or drive her to seek a badboy type out of boredom.

Keep Her Once You Got Her

It is a myth that all women will cheat in the right situation. Find out how to captivate a woman’s attention so that she’ll want you and only you, even when you’re not around.

As this is a one-time special, Savoy will also be available for up to four hours after the seminar to discuss participants’ individual situations for no extra charge . Get personalized advice on your own situation and your own sticking points from the most accomplished expert in the field.


“Savoy was an inspiration. Here’s a guy who has traveled the world, worked on business deals I remember reading about in the Wall Street Journal, and is clearly one of the smartest guys out there, but he’s totally down to earth. It’s easy to see what women like about him.”

-David, Chicago

So, Who is Savoy?

Savoy is acting President and CEO of The Mystery Method Inc. He provides the leadership and direction that has made helped grow the seduction community beyond anyone’s expectations. With a graduate business degree (MBA) from Wharton (University of Pennsylvania), he has filled vital roles in three successful start ups, including Sky Europe, a competitive low cost airline.

His start-up experience led him to a successful career in business consulting which has taken him around the world to assist Fortune 500 companies improve their strategy. The time spent presenting in front of other executives helped him develop the social skills that are so valuable in pick-up. And his time abroad forced him to make the choice, sit in his hotel room or go out and meet people. He chose the latter…and after years of constantly having to meet new people and develop new relationships, he has put together a comprehensive approach to what works.

This is the first time Mystery Method has offered to help guys in the community with this aspect of their lives. In the past few years, we have seen these questions come up again and again, now we are offering you an answer.

See what Savoy has to say on this upcoming Relationship Management Seminar on his very own blog.

Regular one-on-one consultations with Savoy cost $2000/day. For less than half the price of a personal training, you can learn his secrets of relationship management AND consult with him personally afterward.