When you ask about hookup sites, you wanna know: will they get you laid?

Yes. There are hookup apps and dating sites that, if properly used, can help you get sex.

Let’s examine the best hookup and dating sites and how they compare usage, ratio and rates.

The Top 10 Hookup Sites for Casual Sex

#1 AFF: The Best DTF Hookup Site

Adult Friend Finder is the world’s most popular hookup site. As of 2020, it has over 80 million members. You can join for free and browse their personals.

AFF is more than a dating site; it’s also a community. They have a blogging section that you can use as a free member. Some of the best connections made that way.

AFF has three options for Gold Membership:

  • One month for $39.95
  • Three months for $26.95 ($80.85 total)
  • 12 months for $19.95 ($239.95 total)

You pay your plan in one up-front sum. Depending on your plan, the charge is automatically re-billed at monthly, quarterly, or annually. Until you cancel.

Despite its popularity, AFF won’t have you swimming in babes overnight (unless cyber-flirting counts). Longtime users claim the odds were better back in the 2000s. This is before the site got flooded with scammers. The male-to-female ratio is about 80/20

Your odds of scoring on AFF are about the same as in any single’s bar (i.e. if you have super-game. Maybe). Your chances could improve if you stay engaged with the community and blogs.


  • 80 million members
  • Most recognized name in hookup
  • Community atmosphere


  • Lots of scammers
  • 80% men


  • Top search bar
  • Free browse preview
  • Easy, free registration box
  • Extensive dating forums

The best community hookup site


#2 Ashley Madison: A Married Hookup Site With a High Rate of Success

The name Ashley Madison is synonymous with extramarital hookups. Its tagline reads “life is short; have an affair.” The intentions of this website are transparent. Anyone who joins knows what they’re getting into. If you’re looking for some side action, you can do so free of shame or judgment in this community.

Ashley Madison doesn’t charge monthly membership fees. Instead, they have a credit system. Credits are cheaper the more you buy

  • 100 credits cost $59.00 (59 cents per credit)
  • 500 credits cost $169.00 (34 cents per credit)
  • 1,000 credits cost $289.00 (29 cents per credit)

Women seeking men can use Ashley Madison for free. Men and lesbians must buy credits. To initiate an email exchange, it’ll cost you five credits. Once you have a two-way email exchange going, you won’t have to pay any further credits to message that user. To use the chat room, it’ll cost you one credit per minute. You can also use credits as virtual gifts.

The most acclaimed part of Ashley Madison is the TravelingMan feature. It lets you contact women in other cities that you plan to stay in for business for one night.

Your hookup odds on Ashley Madison could depend on how much you engage in the community. The male/female breakdown is about 40/60.  There are a lot of lonely housewives that use the website.

If you live a life that could get destroyed by getting outed as an Ashley Madison member, join with caution. AM was the subject of an epic and humiliating data breach in 2015. It revealed the names of its members, including some politicians and celebrities.


  • Unabashedly designed for hookups/affairs
  • Credits instead of membership fees
  • Profile enhancement features
  • Create free 100 favorites lists


  • Risky
  • Chequered past (2015 data breach)
  • Lots of fake females accounts


  • Send Wink (to your crush)
  • Priority Man (boosts profile)
  • TravellingMan 
  • Message Plus


#3 Fling: The Biggest Free Hookup Site

Fling bills itself as a personals site for casual hookups and one-night stands. Most of its users are in the 30-35 age group. It has about 3,000,000 members worldwide. Americans, Russians, and Australians account for most of the user base. All sexual preferences are welcome. The gender ratio is about 70% men / 30% women.

Fling has a sexually permissive atmosphere. It’s not some gentleman’s site with a buttoned-up front-door policy. The moment you enter your basic stats and info, you’re taken into the community page. It has tons of pornographic user uploads. Overall, it’s more like a cam site with personals. If you work the community, you could get laid.

You must have a premium Fling membership to view profiles and send messages. Fling has three options for Gold Membership:

  • One month for $39.95
  • Three months for $11.66 ($69.95 total)
  • 12 months for $9.90 ($118.80 total)

Discounts offered at select times.


  • Camming options
  • Adult content
  • Sexually open-minded atmosphere


  • Signup required upon entry


  • Video chat
  • Cam rooms
  • Who’s Cute (user rating game)
  • Sex shop (toys, DVDs)

The best combination of hookup personals and camming


#4 Match: The Hookup Site for Older Professionals

Match.com is hardly what you would call a hookup site. Founded in 1993, it’s the world’s foremost community for singles seeking monogamous relationships. (Perhaps, you want to meet some chicks and see where it leads after the initial sex? Players don’t limit themselves to the seedier hunting grounds.)

Match.com has more than 20 million members (four million in the U.S.) and gets three million daily logins. Due to its Hallmark image, Match has more women than most dating sites. The gender breakdown is roughly 55% men / 45% women across all age groups.

Match.com offers standard and premium plans:

  • Three months (Standard – $38.97, Premium $44.97)
  • Six months (Standard – $59.94, $68.94)
  • 12 months (Standard – $95.88, Premium $107.88) 

When you first enter, you’ll have to answer a series of questions. You can’t get too raunchy here, but if you score some dates you could get laid (most millennial chicks sleep with the guy on the second or third date.)


  • Highly reputed (not a scam)
  • Six-months satisfaction guarantee
  • Near-even gender ratio
  • Easy features


  • Not really a hookup site
  • Nothing overtly sexual


  • MatchPhone (voice call)
  • Date Check-In (safety contacts)
  • Likes tab (bookmark your crushes)
  • Boost (profile promoter)

The best place to find your lifelong sex partner


#5 Tinder: The Most Used Hookup App for Quick & Easy Sex

Tinder is a popular dating app among millennials and zoomers. It’s widely acknowledged as an app for hookups, though its image has never been as raunchy as AFF or AM. Tinder welcomes all sexual preferences and accommodates people who identify as nonbinary. 

Men outnumber women on Tinder nine-to-one. Usage habits are widely divergent between the two genders. Men come here to score; women come for relationships and ego boosts. A lot of women post sexy photos on Tinder for likes (validation) rather than matches. Your odds are best if your smartphone game is tight.

Tinder presents an endless stream of user photos that you can like (swipe right) or reject (swipe left). This does foster lots of fleeting, knee-jerk impressions. You can use a feature called Smart Photo, which lets Tinder select your best photos. The app has Plus and Gold membership tiers priced at three-month durations. You pay more if you’re under 28.


  • Facebook/Google login
  • Phone login
  • Easy swipe feature
  • Compatible with Snapchat, Spotify


  • Shallow swipe habits
  • Scant profile info


  • Smart Photo (auto-pics best images)
  • Traveler alert (safety)
  • Superlikes
  • Top Picks
  • Tinder U (campus matches)


#6 Ok Cupid: The Classiest Adult Dating Site

OKCupid started back in 2004, before the arrival of modern dating apps. Despite this, the site adapted to the modern atmosphere. It’s now equally known for its PC and mobile versions. Though it was once the most recognized name in online dating, others have stolen its thunder: AFF on the PC hookup front and Tinder on the mobile fling scene. Today, OKCupid is mostly for seekers of vanilla sex.

OKCupid has 50 million users worldwide. Its most active users are in the U.S. The gender breakdown is 65% men / 35% women. One million people log in daily. Most users are aged 25-35. Your chances of getting laid here could depend on how many second/third dates you manage to land with your matches.

You must register before you can even browse OKCupid. You can use it free or purchase one of their membership tiers:

  • One month (Standard – $7.95, Premium – $24.90)
  • Three months (Standard – $19.05, Premium – $68.70)
  • Six months (Standard – $23.70, Premium – $119.40)

OKCupid is a registered trademark of Humor Rainbow, Inc. all rights reserved.


  • 33% women (above average ratio)
  • Free core features
  • Mobile and PC friendly
  • 10,000,000 U.S. members


  • Free members can’t view likes
  • Straightlaced courtship > kinky hookups


  • Double Take (right/left wipe)
  • “Likes” tab
  • Boost (profile promoter)
  • OKCupid Blog


#7 Plenty of Fish: Plenty of Women Giving Up the Booty

Plenty of Fish (POF) is another hookup site that started in the Web 1.5 era. It has since become associated with mobile culture. Thanks to its clean reputation, 40% of POF’s users are female. POF has more than 70 million members and gets two million daily logins. The most active age group on here is 25-35.

POF does not allow sexual talk or photo filters. Your odds of getting laid here are as great as any online singles scene. The ratio is good but you will need to put in the time and show an interest in more than only sex. The pricing plans are simple:

  • Two months – $38.70
  • Four months – $51.00
  • Eight months = $81.40


  • No photo filters (no fakery)
  • Above-average ratio (40% women)
  • High activity
  • Informative profiles
  • Free signup, simple pricing


  • Sex talk is forbidden


  • Today’s Catch (highlighted profiles)
  • Super Yes (crush alert)
  • Meet Me (local availability alerts)
  • Chemistry Predictor (match assessments)


#8 Bumble: The First Hookup App for Women

Bumble is an offshoot of Tinder designed to put women in charge of the dating dynamic. Due to its gynocentric nature, Bumble emphasizes steady dating, monogamous relationships and platonic friendship. It even has a feature for business connections.

You can’t be overt about your swinger/player intentions on Bumble but it could work if you don’t mind playing long-game. By some estimates, women outnumber men on Bumble. To join, download the app to your smartphone and login via Facebook. You can subscribe:

  • Weekly ($8.99)
  • Monthly ($24.99)
  • Quarterly ($49.99)

Each coin credit ($1.99) will give you extra perks.


  • Equal ratio (possibly more women)
  • Facebook connective
  • Easy to use


  • Gynocentric
  • Few one-night stand seekers


  • BumbleBFF (platonic friendship search)
  • BumbleBusiness (LinkedIn-like)
  • Beeline (swipe-right alerts)
  • SuperSwipe
  • BeeHive (Bumble blog)

The best women-controlled dating app


#9 Hinge: Best New Hookup App

Though it started as another swipe app, Hinge rebranded itself away from such frivolous pastimes. The app stresses serious relationships. It brands itself as “designed to be deleted” once you find your soulmate through the app.

Hinge has about five million users. Most are U.S.-based and in the 25-35 age group. Gender stats are unavailable. If you sign in via Facebook, it culls your photos and generates matches based on your FB friends list. You can buy a Preferred Membership:

  • Monthly ($9.99)
  • Quarterly ($20.97)
  • Biannual ($29.94)

Given the small user base and emphasis on courtship, this is hardly a viable app for hookups.


  • Facebook compatible
  • No swiping


  • Relationship oriented
  • Small user base


  • Who Liked Me (reveal tab)
  • We Met (feedback)

#10 Alt.com: Tinder for the BDSM Underground

Alt.com is a site designed for people into the fetish/BDSM lifestyle. Compatibility scores are based on purity tests that determine whether you’re naughty or nice. The site has approximately 415,000 U.S. members, 20% female. Silver and Gold memberships are billed with a 15% value-added tax.

If you’re dying to escape the buttoned-up confines of vanilla sex courtship apps, Alt.com could be interesting. However, while BDSM culture is sexual in nature, it doesn’t equate unbridled sexual behavior. If you enter with the sole intent to bang lots of chicks yet don’t understand the lingo, they’ll sniff you out as an interloper.


  • Fetish based
  • Overtly sexual


  • Small user base


  • Hot or Not
  • Blings (profile icons)
  • My Kinks (fetish matches)
  • Astrological Compatibility

The best hookup site for the BDSM community



Your hookup site questions answered:

Do hookup sites really work?

It depends on the site or app and how much effort you put into it. If you join a crowded site and know how to game the community, you could possibly score several times each year. If the site has a small user base or bad ratio, you’d be better off at your nearest dog park. Remember, online game is different than club game.

Do actual women join hookup sites?

Yes, but not nearly as much as men. As the figures in the above 10 hookup sites reveal, women are generally outnumbered by men 8/2. Women are likelier to join if the site emphasizes relationships and friendship over sex and hooking up. If a site does become popular with women, men are liable to tip the scale once word gets out.

How many profiles on hookup sites are fake?

Lots. By some estimates, 90% of the women on Ashley Madison are fake. Some of AFF’s dissatisfied ex-members claim that there are no real women there. The more a site emphasizes hookups and flings over relationships, the less likely real women will register as serious members.

Catfishing, where users misrepresent themselves as younger/older or the opposite gender, is a real problem on hookup sites. The less reputable the site, the likely this could occur. Catfishing has lured minors into the hands of pedophiles, women into the hands of killers, gay men into the company of gay-bashers, and straight men into the presence of masked snuff-film makers.

Tips for Finding Casual Sex on Fuck Sites

How to stay safe on hookup websites

To avoid mismatched meetups and run-ins with sociopaths, use the following guidelines:

  • Always meet in public places
  • Evaluate the person’s character carefully
  • Getting to know each online match over time
  • Talk with prospects over webcam before meeting in person 
  • Look at non-verbal clues in their background or social media page

How to increase your chances of hooking up with someone

  • Present yourself in the best way possible. Use a recent fully-clothed, above-the-waist pic for your profile photo. For your photo album, include one photo with your friends, one with your parents, one with animals and one doing something outdoors (hiking, mountain climbing, etc.)
  • Be open to sex but expect it right away. Most people join hookup sites for sex. Even if the site emphasizes dating and courtship, the members want sex. It’s misguided to suppress this or overemphasize this. Prepare yourself for when the time comes but don’t be tacky and hit on other users with sex talk.
  • Pay for membership and send lots of messages. As a paying member, you’ll unlock all the site features. (You can’t even view profiles with most free memberships.) Think of dating sites as a numbers game. Just like you’d need to approach lots of women to score consistently on campuses, you’ll need to message lots of members on a dating site.
  • Invest time to spend on the website. Don’t expect to simply log in, send a few likes and score. Success on any dating site will require your time and effort. Divide your monthly rate by 30 and ask yourself how much that price is worthy of your time. 

So What’s the Best Hookup Site?

AdultFriendFinder is our choice for the best all around hookup site, and is what I personally use since it gets me the best results.

Sex apps like Tinder are also fun to browse, even when you don’t find people you’d want to date. Even on the best hookup sites, your odds are roughly the same as in real life.

Every now and then, you might stumble upon a female who really is there for casual sex.  No one will declare this outright but if you work a dating app you may get laid.

But do consider this: if you meet a sexy person for casual sex, why limit things to a one-night stand? If the sexiest woman in entertainment could be yours, would you only want her for one night?