The “World’s Greatest Pick Up Artist” Has Just Dumped His Entire Brain Into A Step-By-Step Handbook To Transform You Into A “Don Juan” To Generate Amazing Attraction With Any Woman!

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Once you read this letter you will find out the secrets developed by the “master” of the underground seduction community that will enable you to meet, attract, date, and seduce any beautiful woman you encounter.

From: The Desk of Erik von Markovik (Mystery)
Date:Thursday, April 2, 2020
Dear Friend,My name is Erik von Markovik known by most as Mystery. I have developed a method to attract, and seduce the most beautiful women that this world has to offer its called “The Mystery Method”.If you’re on this website, then you realize you have the potential for so much more than what you’ve been getting.I know you’re looking for something that will help you become more successful when it comes to getting the type of woman that will make you happy. I have a new product, just released, that will satisfy all your questions, and get you on the road to being a “casanova” with women.I was the first “pick up artist” to run in field workshops for the aspiring man. I was the original, and I’ve trained some of the best guys in the world to teach the Mystery Method. However…I’ll let you in on a little secret in to the formation of this very special handbook. It includes for the first time, material from the infamous Mystery Method Instructors’ Guide used to train these Mystery Method instructors themselves. These guys that I’ve trained charge upward of $2000 per workshop!And it includes a lot more…“The Mystery Method Venusian Arts Handbook:How to Put Any Woman Under Your Spell” will offer you more than just attracting women. It will build your confidence in social circles, you’ll be the admiration of you’re friends, and the center of the party.Here is a typical example of the email I receive in my inbox daily from previous students: 
Typical Student EmailThe book is outstanding!  I am very pleased. You have created an amazing resource. You have earned the right to some good feedback here, and I am more than glad to take the time.

I am a high analytical personality and a huge reader of books.  When I actively attempt to research a topic, I will try to get the best material on a subject that I can find.  In my opinion, your book is THE BEST!  No way is that light praise or an exaggeration.  You are truly pioneers.  You are standing on the moon.  Generations from now, people will point back and say “This is the book that changed it all”

Its not so much that you have a new idea [meeting women] but that you take some common sense ideas, and reverse engineered them into a masterpiece. 

Albert Einstein himself said, “Everyone thinks I’m a genius, but know one understands the things I’ve said”

Am I going to far in suggesting the touch of genius here?  Imagine all the self-help books and advice columns, on this subject swept off the shelves and thrown in the trash.  Not because they didn’t have some useful information, but because the small slivers of knowledge they provided, were a pale shadow of what you have created.

People will not be able to discuss the psychology of human relations without mentioning your important work.

For now at least, ponder that.

– MacGuyver, Mystery Method Student

I’ve been written about in…

“Mystery has single-handedly invented much of the jargon and tactics that men around the world are using to meet women.”

“Mystery has cracked the code of getting a woman to YES!”

“The world’s greatest pick-up artist”

If you would have told me eight years ago that I would be mentioned in any of these magazines and especially toted as the “world’s greatest pick-up artist” I would have called you crazy!

The truth is that I’ve mastered the techniques that have made me the man I am today.

Can I ask you something?

Would you like to have the ability to:

 Approach ANY women without fear of rejection?

 Know EXACTLY what to say that will trigger attraction for you?

 Have a woman give you SIGNS that she wants to KISS YOU immediately?

 Know when a woman is SHOWING interest in you?

 Tell her stories that WILL arouse her to heights before unimaginable?

 Know WHEN to call a woman and WHAT to say?

 Know how to handle dating MULTIPLE women at one time?

 Be the ENVY of all your friends with the women you are dating?

This is all possible, with my brand new handbook I have just released:

“The Mystery Method Venusian Arts Handbook:

How to Put Any Woman Under Your Spell”

This book is 100% authentic and original, its not some old how to flirt book from the 80’s redone that you saw in your local second-hand bookstore.

You know what else?

I’m proud of this 226-page handbook, otherwise I would never offer it to you.

Below You Will Find The Hidden Key To The Door That Opens A Closet With An Endless Supply Of Gorgeous, Intelligent Women…

It’s the most amazing social blueprint to ever exist. It changes the way you see social interactions and empowers you to take advantage of it.

Can you intepret this simple yet complex seduction system?
(If you can, you don’t realize how much power you have)

In this 226-page handbook you will find a breakdown, chapter-by-chapter, of this seduction system that has helped hundreds of men achieve total control with women and dating.

Inside the handbook you’ll find how that diagram can help you see the “Matrix” of social interaction, and you’ll also find some of these other topics JAMMED in: (to list only a few)

 Your Purpose In This Life Rejection and Approach Anxiety Identity Peacocking Intuition over Analysis Congruence Tests Cat String Theory Boyfriends Calibration and Internalization The M3 Model The Four M3 Sequencing Mistakes The 3-Second Rule Opinion Openers False Time Constraints How to Open Moving & Seated Sets Sticking Points The Seven Hour Rule Much More… Indicators of Interest (IOI) Neg Theory Demonstration of High Value Multiple Conversational Threads Storytelling Hoop Theory Kino Escalation Token Resistance Bait-Hook-Reel-Release The Freeze-Out Conversation Rapport Punishment/Reward The Bounce S2: Last-Minute Resistance S3: Sex The Time Bridge Kissing 
“The most common error that beginners make is to focus on seducing a woman first instead of attracting her. This is like putting the cart before the horse. Often, to beautiful women in particular, seduction first is little more than the equivalent of saying, “You don’t know me but will you sleep with me?” There is a time (and a place) to begin the seduction stage, but it’s not until you first have attraction and comfort – as well as privacy. Seducers mistakenly begin at the end.”– Chapter 3 “Structure and the Game” pg 51
The Venusian Arts Handbook

The beauty of this handbook is that it makes my job easy!

I don’t have to write a HUGE long letter, describing and citing examples from every single page of this book. It’s reputation within the pickup community is phonemonal…

“One of the few pick-up businesses with integrity.”

     -Neil Strauss, (‘Style’) Author of
“The Game: Penetrating The Secret Society Of Pick Up Artists”
Lance from a leader in the field of seduction. Give’s his amazing opinion on the Venusian Arts Handbook…(Click on the Play icon to watch the video)
Allow some extra time for downloading…
-Founder of

What Is The “Mystery Method” Process?

The Mystery Method is a practical, field-tested method that allows men from any background to meet, attract, and build relationships with exceptional women of extraordinary quality and breathtaking beauty. My associates and I have developed these skills from the ground up, by trial and error.

They tested hundreds of ideas, over and over, in clubs, bars, coffee shops, parties, street corners, and other social situations. Some ideas worked right away. Some techniques were discovered by accident. Others failed comically and had to be replaced, all part of the trial-and-error process. But, in the end, we put the pieces that worked into a complete system that is not only extremely powerful, but totally original and impossible to detect – unless you know exactly what to look for. They started eleven years ago, and the rest is history!

The Mystery Method is a step-by-step system. The method is fast, it’s real, and it allows women to experience emotions, experiences, and feelings that create deep attraction and connection.

I have taught select groups of men since 1998. Many of them have used it to become so good that they became professional pickup artists in their own right. Most students have used their knowledge and skill to develop relationships with women of exceptional quality.

It won’t happen overnight, but if you’re serious about getting what you want, then you’ve come to the right place. You may feel – like a lot of men – miles away from where you want to be. But now – unlike most men – you’ve found the people who can get you results that exceed what you even think is possible for yourself. I have the map, the tools, and the experience to show you and help you create a path to mastery, but you must be willing to do the work. If you are, every step from now on will be a step in the right direction.

This guy came from having a lifelong fear of approaching ANY woman to having three girlfriends at once!

(Click on the Play icon to listen to his story)
Allow some extra time for downloading…
-Stefano Castri
This “bloke” from Australia has been able to dramatically change his dating life through using the Venusian Arts Handbook…

(Click on the Play icon to watch his story)
Allow some extra time for downloading…
The Mystery Method handbook has given me the tools and techniques to overcome any obstacles I have with women. I can go up to any woman especially when she’s with her friends and leave with her number. I love it. The handbook is amazing, and you guys rock!!-Bernardo
Even an experienced “pick up artist” found techniques in this handbook that helped him get more from the “Mystery Method”
(Click on the Play icon to listen to his story)
Allow some extra time for downloading…

I Don’t Want Some Pig-Like Fatty, I Want A Woman That Is Classy and Beautiful. Will These Techniques Work On Her Type?

This is one of the most common questions I get asked.

I want you to know – supermodels, surfer girls, girls next door, strippers and any female will have an uncontrollable attraction towards you. Simply by the way you carry yourself and the conversations you have. You will feel the satisfaction of knowing that you can have a great chance to be with that perfect woman holding that champagne glass across the room within hours…

Do I have to be rich, famous or good looking for these techniques to work?

Absolutely not! These techniques work for any man, any build, and any ethnicity. It doesn’t matter, in reality, sometimes a guy without handsome looks gets better results!

One-night Stand Or Girlfriend – Your Choice!

Everyone wants something different in life. Mystery Method teaches you how to seduce women in the most effective way possible. By using my secrets, and step-by-step outlines, I can transform you into the man that makes women melt with sexual attraction. The Method works on any woman from any walk of life, and can help you catch her and keep her.

I’m willing to assume a few things about you at this point…

Attracting women is something that’s OFTEN baffled you

You had a GIRLFRIEND that’s left you for no apparent reason

You approached a woman at a club, started talking, and then just leaves with her friends not giving you a SECOND glance.

You went on a GREAT DATE with a woman, you called her back another day, and she never returned your calls

You want to PLEASE WOMEN and give them what they really WANT

You would want a woman to like you for YOU and not cheesy pickup lines



These Technique’s Are So Simple, That A Caveman With A Unibrow Could Start Seducing Successfully…

It’s amazingly simple to learn these techniques, even if you have no prior pickup knowledge. You’ll be wondering why every guy on the Earth didn’t work out this stuff and pass it on to you! I’ll put my reputation on the line, and give you a guarantee you can’t refuse and I’ll mention that a little later…

I’ve used these materials and it’s no mystery to me that they work. But I understand you might just need a little more convincing…

I want you to see for YOURSELF how good these techniques are, but you’ll never know unless you read it. You’ll gain the confidence that I have as you apply the techniques, see the theories come alive, and you’ll become the man you were born to be.

This ex-student of the Mystery Bootcamp shares his experiences with the handbook
(Click on the Play icon to listen to his story)
Allow some extra time for downloading…

Here’s Why This Handbook Is Different From Hundreds of Others “Guides” Out There…

Have you ever just surfed the net and gone to a site to find the solutions to your problems, only to realize you have even more problems than before?

We’ll that’s what happens when you don’t get a complete solution to your problems.

The solution is here for you.

This handbook will give you the skills, and techniques to enable you to correct problems from the inside out. You will notice your game changing fast as you adapt the principles learnt in the “Venusian Arts Handbook“.

You Were Expecting A “Catch”
And Here It Is…

If your anything like me, I always look out for the catch that stops me from purchasing something that will change my life.

There is a small catch….

There are a lot of costs associated with maintaining a shop front, inventory, warehouse, and shipping. I wanted to pass on the savings to you. So I produced this as an e-book, ready to download.

This means you get instant access to the handbook immediately after purchasing.

Not such a bad ‘catch’ after all huh?

What If I’m So Bad With Women, That This Handbook Really Doesn’t Help…

Let’s think about this for a second. If you think you aren’t going to have any success then you probably wont. But if you follow what’s in the Venusian Arts Handbook, I guarantee you success.

However, if you don’t like it, and feel it hasn’t done anything for you, simply ask for your money back.

I’m so sure you’d drastically improve yourself with women. I’ll make YOU a guarantee. (More about that below)

The Venusian Arts Handbook gave this man the tools he needed to make his conversations DYNOOMITE!
(Click on the Play icon to listen to his story)
Allow some extra time for downloading…

I Don’t Know About This… I’m Poor!

You’re probably thinking, this book is hundreds of dollars worth.


You’re absolutely right.

It is worth hundreds of dollars. Originally, I was going to sell this book at $199. My marketing friends said that was realistic for a handbook that has a reputation this good among the most successful pick up artists in the world.

I disagreed.

I wanted this to get to every man who wanted it.

So I discounted the price HEAVILY to only $68.

Imagine successfully changing your life for only $68. It seems ridiculous to me that a book that has this much-specialized knowledge would go for this cheap. But I’m doing it…

I know you will start seeing results, and as a promise, I’m offering this:

My Fool-Proof 100% Money Back Reputation-On-The-Line Guarantee In DetailorIf you don’t see improvements in you’re interactions with women, I’ll give you your MONEY BACK.NO QUESTIONS ASKED, 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEEI’ll give you 30 DAYS!Try it for a whole month, read through it, study it, apply it, and if you don’t think its improved your game with women, email me, and your money goes straight back to you!No questions asked.

You Now Have Instant Download Access To The Most Comprehensive Step-By-Step Guide For Attracting, Dating, and Seducing The Most Beautiful Women In The World!

Simply click on the link below to be taken to our 100% safe and secure website to receive your own personal copy of “The Venusian Arts Handbook”.

Yes! I Want To Have Access To Your Amazing Step-by-Step Guide For Being Successful With Women Immediately For Only $199 $129 $68!I’m now ready to commence the best part of my life! I understand that by clicking on the link below, my success with women will skyrocket within days.I understand that I can start reading “ The Venusian Arts Handbook ” immediately after my order is securely processed.I realize that much of the material I’m about to gain access to is not available anywhere else on the Internet and I’ll be wasting countless hours by searching for it elsewhere.I’m aware that if I’m not 100% satisfied within thirty days you’ll give me a “no questions asked” money back refund.

What Are Your Choices? Either Start Becoming A Sex Magnet To Women, or Get Your Money Back!


The best time for you to get this part of your life taken care of is right now! You came to this website for a reason, and you know what that reason is.

Don’t let $68 dollars stand in your way of achieving fulfillment and pride. You have what it takes, simply take the 100% risk free offer above, and improve your game.

Watch as Alfredo talks about his dramatic transformation from shy and introverted into having supreme confidence around women and their male friends with the Mystery Method!
(Click on the Play icon to watch to his story)
Allow some extra time for downloading…

Come onboard with thousands of other guys who are having dramatic success with women, and download “The Venusian Arts Handbook” here right now.

Wishing your tremendous success in your life,


P.S. If you have any additional questions about what’s inside the book, ordering queries, or any other questions, please email me right now at questions @

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Ok, Here’s A Free Sample Just For You!

We know that you’ll probably want a sample to get a look and feel for the handbook. Here it is. When you love it, come back and get ALL chapters it has!

“Chapter Three: Structure and The Game”(PDF File, Right click SAVE AS…)

Here’s Further Undeniable Proof That Show’s How Much This Will Improve Your Game!

Just wanted to give you some kudos on the handbook, and tell you a little of my story.

Being familiar with Neil Strauss’ earlier work, I picked up ‘The Game’ on a whim – and finished it that day. To that point, I had never put much thought into my game, everything always came pretty naturally to me, and I always had good luck with women. I had no idea that people out there put so much time and effort into this, or even any idea that you could get better. I always just assumed that you knew how to talk to girls, or you didn’t. Needless to say, I was mesmorized by the fact that someone put into words what I had consistently been doing all my life.

I was hooked. I scoured back through the book, trying to find mentions of other places I could go for information on the ‘community’. I never knew that I would be overwhelmed with how many places there really are. I started reading the forums. I am still amazed at how famous Mystery is in this community. You can’t read a paragraph without someone mentioning him, his methods, or his exploits.

Long story short, I came across (beautiful site by the way.) After tossing the idea around for a while, and being bored the other day – I bought the handbook. And – I’m impressed. It was nice to be able to read about the Mystery Method from start to finish, without having to piece it together from a million posts in a newsgroup. Like I said, I have always been a natural, and would have never even thought that help existed for someone’s game. But, after reading the entire handbook, and seeing in black in white most of the things that I’ve been doing, it really helped me identify with my behavioral patterns and tweak them in ways that I would have never thought of. (Like actively reading IOI’s and DHV’s instead of relying on my own intuition to ‘wing it’ throught the entire approach.)

-Devin, Los Angeles, Calif.
“This book doesn’t just explain every accidental success I’ve ever had with women, it provides the model and techniques to guarantee success in the future.I will never “get lucky” again, the women I allow into my life will be the lucky ones.”
– A.C., Santa Barbara,CA
“Imagine if Shakespeare could have provided us a window into the method behind his masterpieces. Either Shakespeare had no desire to do so or, if he did so desire, his genius fell short of the ability to express that method.Mystery is the Shakespeare of Pick Up Artists and his ebook proves both a sincere desire to pass on his skills and a masterful ability to teach his method.”
– D.L., Newcastle, UK
“The ebook was amazing! Mystery, you taught me soooo much about how to pick up women and I really benefited from your naming of the various steps/occurences in a pick up.Here’s a new one for you: PFM (Pure Fucking Magic), which is what your ebook is! I will never be an AFC (Average Frustrated Chump) again because you took the time and energy to figure out THE steps that have taken men from meet to sex throughout time.Thanks and I’ll see you in PUAville (Pick Up Artist-ville) soon!”
– A.J.R., Harrisburg, PA
“Buy this ebook! I came across Mystery Method a little less than a year ago through the Double Your Dating Mastery series, in which Mystery made a huge impression on me.After his presentation in the DYD seminar, I immediately began saving money to take one of Mystery’s Bootcamps.I took the Bootcamp and my success with meeting, attracting, and dating beautiful women dramatically improved.I read the ebook and was amazed to see how clearly and thoroughly the Mystery Method was communicated.As a matter of fact, there is more hard content in the ebook than there was in the Bootcamp.But I am not surprised that Mystery is giving it all away in this book, because having had him work with me personally in the field, I realize that his passion for passing this knowledge on to other men and helping them out is as great as his passion for women.”
“Don Juan and Casanova ain’t got shit on this guy. Hell . Freud, Darwin, and Socrates ain’t got shit on this guy.Mystery’s Method will change the world.”
– S.N., Richmond, VA
“I’ve studied the dynamics of attraction for over a year now.After reading “The Venusian Arts Handbook” I realized that attraction is only one variable in a larger equation. The Mystery Method offers the full equation, explains the variables, and offers specific skills and techniques to fill in each variable.With most of the other products that I have studied, I was given tons of content with no foundation and no framework.It was great to finally come across a product that provides the basics so that I can now freestyle, plugging my own content into a proven equation.”
– P.T., Brisbane, Aus
“The Mystery Method changed my life. For as long as I have women in my life I will reference this book.”
-J.W., Amsterdam,NL